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Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium (EALS)

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The Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium (EALS) is an annual national arts conference hosted by Arts Management studetns at American University. Since 2008, EALS has invited influential figures from the art world to share their insights and motivate future art leaders. EALS creates a supportive environment where up-and-coming professionals can exchange ideas and viewpoints that motivate them to go back to their organizations with renewed energy and a commitment to making a real impact. 

Our 17th annual symposium is on March 23, 2024, at the Katzen Arts Center.

Our aim is to evolve as a platform for rising arts leaders and foster inclusivity by reducing attendance fees. EALS, run entirely by graduate students, relies on your support. Your contribution will allow us to reach a wider audience and maintain high-quality, diverse programs with experts from across the country. Most importantly, your donation will help strengthen the arts community by providing a platform for educating and inspiring future arts leaders, thus building a more robust network of arts professionals. 

Here’s how you can help! With your gift, you help us provide:

  • $10 Lunch for Symposium participants
  • $25 Tickets
  • $100 Panelist Honorariums
  • $1000 Keynote Honorarium
  • And much more!

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Thank you for your generosity, and stay tuned for more EALS updates and programming! For more information, check out our website at or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!