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SOC Weekend MA Programs

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The School of Communication's weekend MA programs in Producing for Film & Video, Interactive Journalism, Media Entrepreneurship and Strategic Communication are for focused, working professionals who want to excel at their current careers or launch new ones.

All four programs are intense, structured and collaborative. All except Media Entrepreneurship run on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for 20 months. Media Entrepreneurship meets one night per week and every other Saturday. You move through the programs as part of a cohort--a group of colleagues with whom you take a prescribed sequence of classes. The cohort style helps you create enduring professional networks and ensures that you learn from accomplished communicators--members of American University's full-time faculty, outstanding practitioners brought in as guest lecturers and adjuncts; and perhaps most important, your fellow students.

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Success Story

SOC Film Professor Bridges ‘Gulf of Misunderstanding’ in Middle East

"You can ask me any questions you want about Islam," said Maher. "You can make sure you’re comfortable with my knowledge." He stared back at her, let the moment linger, and then asked simply, "Why do Americans hate Muslims?"

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